TUTORIAL: Growing Up Odd Quilt

what fun and constructive activities, also creative, building quilts for loved ones,veterans,fire victims or new moms.So many easy but unique versions!

Wedding Dress Blue

One, three, five, seven, nine…all those numbers are in there.  I guess we all grow up a little odd one way or another, but this quilt is just full of odd numbers.  Hopefully, it will be a charming sort of odd that you will enjoy as much as I have.



90″ x 90″


Approximately 2500 2″ squares cut from all the scraps you can find.  The exact number is 2425, but who’s counting?

3-1/4 yards background fabric

backing (7 yards)

batting (at least 100″ square)

binding (3/4 yard, if you use 2-1/4″ width)


Well, by the time you get to this point you will already have done the hard part and cut all those little squares.  By the way, you have just saved 6-3/4 yards of fabric from waste.  Don’t you feel thrifty and clever?!

Background fabric–

1. to build the blocks you need 75…

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